The game is simple, you go from cycle to cycle, avoiding the obstacles that get in your way.

Cyclewarsio is all about multitasking: you have to keep on your toes at all times. You can't just look forward and wait; you have to look behind and plan ahead. That's what makes a good bike racer great: anticipation, pep, and precision are the keys to success. In Cyclewarsio, you have to learn how to pace yourself at the right moment. The best cyclists know when it’s time for a break… and when it’s time to push

Survive the night in cyclewars, a game of ninja-like agility and bombs. Avoid the enemies and try to reach day! Cyclewarsio is a single-player html5 game with an online multiplayer mode where you have to avoid the bombs at all costs. If you hit any explosive, it will deal 3 damage. Try to avoid the bombs by jumping over them or destroying them with your nunchakus. Only players who reach day can advance to the next

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