Freakotron Neon Snake

Do you like playing games with your friends? Well, are you ready to experience the best Snake game ever made? If … If you're a fan of classic arcade games or just good ol' time-killing fun, then you need to play Freakotron Neon Snake. It's the most addicting, challenging, and downright FUN snake game on the planet. How … In today's world it is almost impossible to find someone who does not have some form of an internet connection. From social media platforms such as Facebook and Google Plus to simple websites like YouTube and iStuff. Each one of these platforms provides users with access to a variety of content that helps them meet new people and save money.

Games on websites also play a big role in this connection. Games are some of the best ways to stay entertained when you are away from home or if you simply do not want to leave your computer. Arcade games are typically fast-paced and high-stake, while strategy games give the player a chance to plan ahead, think tactically and execute various strategies for success. With so many different genres it can be very hard to know where to begin looking for an arcade game that tickles your fancy. Below we have listed some of our favorite arcade games for all.

The first game to be created is based on the Freakotron 1979 arcade game. You control a snake that is trying to reach the exit as fast as possible. The objective of every game is to get the snake through a series of increasingly difficult obstacles while avoiding being squished by the walls or getting swallowed by a couple of mutant lizards. The original version was created with HTML and CSS, but this new version has been made using WebGL and CSS3 shaders. So if you’re an android phone user, you can now have access to one of the most addictive 16+ games ever.

there are many other games developed under Snake io, let's try them out