In the online snake game, you engage in multiplayer battles with other players. Similar to, you take control of a worm, feed it shiny objects, and watch it grow in size until it can devour other worms.

The Neon Worm World on
Immerse yourself in the light

Gulper combines the gameplay of wildly successful internet games like Worms Zone and Little Big Snake with neon-inspired Tron-like aesthetics.

Eat and grow
Slither and slide through the arena of combat while consuming bright orbs to gain size. To increase your speed and burn some calories at the same time, use the left mouse button or the spacebar.

You clever little glow worm you
Cut off other worms in sneaky ways to cause them to collide with you. If you are successful, you will receive all the food that they gathered during their stay in the Gulper world.

Cool, glowing neon images
Effortless gameplay and movement
Using a minimap, locate additional worms.
Using the slider, alter the color of your worm.

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