Impostor Snake IO

Since it is always a lot of fun to combine two media or two different series in an exciting crossover, the Among Us Games category of our website has always had really interesting combinations of games. This is still true today with the addition of the game Impostor Snake IO, which combines the world of the Among Us imposters with the classic arcade game Snake, which many of us used to play on the first generation of mobile phones.

Become the greatest Impostor Snake IO by learning how to!
Since both snakes and imposters are renowned for being covertly malevolent and cunning, it seems to reason that an impostor would also be a snake. In this game, you use the mouse to control a snake with a vibrant body and an imposter's head.

The more coloured orbs you devour, the bigger your snake gets, which also raises your score. Move the mouse in the direction you want the snake to go and chase after them.

There are other snakes nearby; stay away from them to prevent them from devouring you, and consume and remove snakes that are smaller than you to eliminate competition.

Try to last as long as you can, rack up as many points as you can, and grow to be the biggest snake on the map!

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