Snake Blast

Prepare to have a blast in Snake Blast! Although these snakes are normally not dangerous, you should avoid them if their stomachs are empty. You'll be on the edge of your seat as you navigate the bright graphics and competitive action. Do you have what it takes to prove to others that you have the biggest belly by growing to be the biggest snake?

These many players are too numerous for this space! You're about to embrace the competitive spirit of multiplayer online games, so get your scales ready! In order to expand, your goal in this game is to gather as many dots as you can. To begin playing the game, click the play button. Your snake needs help because it has to get somewhere quickly.

To modify its orientation, press the corresponding arrow keys. To collect the dots, guide your snake to them. You may keep track of your length gain and point total from the top left corner of the screen with each one you consume. This won't be as simple as having a picnic in the park because there are other hungry snakes nearby. Those nasty snakes appear frightening with their vivid scales! Simply stay away from them entirely and don't try to bite them or give them a taste of you! The screen boundaries are another item to be aware of. Plan your steps carefully because colliding with those is another way to perish. Can you grow to be the largest snake on Earth?

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