Another incredibly entertaining and addictive IO game is, which has straightforward rules and a retro aesthetic. The main objective is to take over as much of the map as you can and grow to be the biggest player there is!

You begin with a little territory, which you must gradually grow during the game. You must draw a colored line to seal off additional areas before adding them to your base. The color of your line will be painted on the region you have conquered. Other players' already-occupied territories can be taken and added to your base, but you need to be careful because they might also try to take part of your own or even try to murder you.

You are safe as long as you stay in your neighborhood, but as soon as you leave it and your colored line on the map emerges, you are in danger. It is crucial to return to your base as soon as possible since you will be killed if another player or you hit your colored line. Blocks from the surrounding area will be added to your domain.

It won't contain your blocks if you circled a region where another player is present. To stop other players from taking some of your regions, strive to maintain your entire territory in view at all times. You can view your present location and the territories of other players on the minimap in the upper left corner.

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