Snakes are evil. They always get their way. Even when they’re teamed up with other snakes, they’re usually on an endless quest to kill and eat other snakes. Or at least that’s the story we hear anyway. It might not be true, but as long as you and a friend are playing Snake with Friends, you don’t have to think about how many snakes there are or how many of them are going to come after you next.

All you need is one account for both players, a snake with the same color, and you can take on your friends all over again in another game of

Snake with friends color io game! Simple but addicting, let the snakes twist around you and your friends in a non-stop chain reaction of color madness. Avoid them all and collect points; connect as many lines as possible to win. It’s easy, just like that. This is the only Snake with friends game where you can actually play with your friends! Game controls: 

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