TrollFace Quest: Horror 3

Find a technique to fool every character by going through all of these terrifying events. While watching spooky movies, you might have to avert a plane catastrophe, trick Dracula to save yourself or take a strange phone call. Just look around and consider yourself a true troll. Play Trollface Quest: Horror 3 and have fun!

Nothing in TrollFace Quest: Horror 3 is as it seems! Trollface, the notorious trickster, is back with another terrifying journey. Can you use your creative problem-solving abilities to crack all the codes and defeat this infamous practical joker at his own game?

Trollface has prepared a few fresh tasks for you to try out. You only need a mouse and your wits to play this game, just like in the other episode of this popular series. Simply click on the people or things in the scenario in the proper sequence and at the appropriate moments. If the characters experience awful outcomes or perish, they are acting improperly. All is well when they chuckle at these ludicrous scenarios. Because that stupid chuckle is what it's all about!

Oh, and if you get stuck, don't worry. To obtain assistance, click the hint icon above. What do you think, do you believe you have what it takes to emerge victorious from this match of wits?

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