Wormateio - Grow your snake to victory in an arena filled with obstacles! The Worms 4-VMO Gladiators are back and better than ever. Fight your way through six challenging arenas and fight for the top spot in the online rankings. You’ll need to master different battlefields, strategies, weapons, and abilities in order to prevail. Discover new ways of playing by training and competing in different multiplayer games. Try out the various game modes like Arena and Survival to test your skills against other players or create your own challenges.

Have fun with friends or strangers via the supported social networking sites or play against computer-controlled opponents in single-player campaign mode. Wormateio is an exciting arena game that you can play with your friends and family - anytime.

You are a snake! You can’t see or hear but your sense of smell is very powerful. Sniffing the air you find an aroma from a nearby human village. It’s been weeks since a farmer has returned to his property to discover it occupied by a wild herd of gnawing, red-eyed worms.

The villagers have fled leaving behind only the strongest and fittest of their menagerie. The farmer must traverse his fields alone, fighting off the slithering worms with wooden clubs and sharpened sticks. The last man standing wins the match! Wormateio is an arena combat game for up to 4 players where each player takes on the role of a farm owner who must face off against other farmers in teams of two or three players in order to win. This makes for an exciting, Strategy - vs - Action hybrid that will leave you craving.

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